Dunkin’ Donuts of Greater Philadelphia

Dunkin’ Donuts of Greater Philadelphia has been using PST for three years.  With the nature of its offerings and a foot print that includes more than 530 stores in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Dunkin’ needs to reach a large and diverse audience with its messaging. Many times, Dunkin’ needs results with very little notice.  A week before National Coffee Day in September 2010, Dunkin’ Donuts realized they needed more impact on their existing market strategy for this event.  Dunkin’ enlisted the help of PST to get the word out regionally.  PST was quick in action to strategically place staff members at area hot spots with a high amount of foot traffic.  Leveraging existing partnerships, PST was able to quickly acquire permits and set our street teams in place.  Equipped with 26 staff members, PST took to the streets to hand out Dunkin’ coupons and engage the daily commuters at 6 train stations and other highly trafficked areas in the Philly, New Jersey and Delaware area.  In the single day push, over 10,000 coupons were distributed!  The couponing strategy to commuters captured Dunkin’s heavy user, gave these potential customers a valuable offer to drive them into store while providing always important positive brand reinforcement.

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