PST: kristi crocker – Array

Full Name: kristi crocker

Phone Number: 6103971058

Email Address:

Street Address 1: 3344 PEACHTREE ROAD

Street Address 2: SUITE 2035


State: GA – Georga

Zip Code: 30326

Do you have a driver’s license?: YES

If you are a student, what school do you attend?: nova

Do you have any experience with working promotional events/street teams? And if so, what did your duties include?: yes

What types of promotions and events are you most interested in? (check all that apply) || : Street Team Promotions

Do you have any leadership/management experience? If so, please briefly describe.: yes

Are you able to work (check all that apply) : Weekdays

Distance you are willing to travel? : 2

Are you able to lift 50+ pounds? : YES

What makes you stand out and/or unique from other applicants? : wkej

Do you actively use facebook, twitter and/or foursquare?: YES

Will you submit to a background check if requested? : yes

Do you have current health insurance? : YES

Please make additional comments here: : slkfj


bwcam.jpg (47 KB)

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