Dole Brands took part in the grand opening of a large chain supermarket in downtown Philadelphia.  PST was entrusted to provide extremely engaging mascots to interact with customers during a day of high customer traffic.  “Bobby the Banana” and “Penelope the Pineapple” were instructed to raise customer satisfaction and spirits by means of photographs, hugs, and dancing! The two PST mascots were not only a huge hit amongst children, but adults as well! In addition to providing mascots, PST also supplied a manager to facilitate the event and make sure everything ran smoothly and seamlessly.

With the assistance of PST, Dole Brands was able to stay top of mind with
customers as they enjoyed the grand opening.

Dunkin’ Donuts of Greater Philadelphia

Dunkin’ Donuts of Greater Philadelphia has been using PST for three years.  With the nature of its offerings and a foot print that includes more than 530 stores in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Dunkin’ needs to reach a large and diverse audience with its messaging. Many times, Dunkin’ needs results with very little notice.  A week before National Coffee Day in September 2010, Dunkin’ Donuts realized they needed more impact on their existing market strategy for this event.  Dunkin’ enlisted the help of PST to get the

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Prominent Local Hospital

A prominent local hospital was hosting a large event that featured over 6 restaurants, interactive games for children, and consultation stations at the King of Prussia Mall.

Having a need to distribute fliers, control traffic, help with registration and interact and engage the 500+ attendees, the hospital contacted PST.  With over three years of experience using PST, the prominent hospital knew PST was the one for the

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